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October 08, 2007



One of my passions includes browsing the Internet for pretty pictures. I must say this is by far one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever came across.

val sison

really quite stunning!


Updated the map page to use Google maps. You can now link right to Google maps and enter your address for directions, zoom in and out, use the terrain setting or satellite setting.


It was Spring so the park was especially beautiful after the heavy rains but the pollen count was way up. The basic shape of the park is a canyon with ridge lines above. It’s right on the coast so it’s cooler than other Orange County parks but it still can get very warm! If possible, leave in the a.m. and bring plenty of water. I would suggest packing some Power Bars to keep up the energy because the climbing here is strenuous to say the least.


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The sunset is great. Love hanging around at the beach during times like this because it is so romantic.

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Love to watch the sunset, its so romantic.

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that is a gorgeous picture, you should make prints and sell them :)

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