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September 04, 2007


Stuart Marks

The writer in "Can you smell the racism in the air." is obviously confusing racism with one being justly afraid of being murdered like the other 3,000 Americans on 9/11. It is true, a lot of them do look alike. Have you ever noticed that?

John Doe

Well, lets play a game of statistics then, shall we? How many of the terrorist who flew the planes into the WTCenters were white, asian, black, or mexican? Then tell me how many of those were arab (central asian descent)?

Also, tell me what race the person was who tried to light his shoe on fire and blow a plane up? What is the race of the leader of the terrorist group who organized 9/11, or the majority of his followers?

HMmmmmmmmmmmmm, answer me that.

Long story short, stop being so damn politically correct. When the terrorist groups decide to hire other colors of the world let me know. Long story short, I would rather security and people be "racist" than PC and have my plane blown up.

John Doe

AKA, don't get security to do true "random" searches to have them search old ladies with canes. Have them look for people who look like the ones who blew the towers up. They tend to look a like.

Or play it PC and don't search them, and get your ass blown up. Your call.

We LEFT you in the dust..

Guess who else uses the "they all look alike, so let's judge them based on that" mentality? Terrorists. Welcome to the club, you hillbilly retards.


She may be correct.You say she was racist but if you go to a muslim country,you can see how racist they are.Muslims kill other people from various religons.They distroy buddha statures in Afganistan.Some of them have become deadly.So,she has done the correct thing.Muslim extremist are like a cancer.

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