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July 01, 2007



25,000 a night? Holy dawn!!

Boracay Beach Resort

If it has great services for one to avail then why not go to this place even though its expensive.


$25000 for a night? super expensive!!!

i would have to bring my entire clan to experience luxury once in their life. hahaha!! Anyway, the hotel can cater 250 people jampack! hahaha!

Costa Ibiza

Wow..really great!! if hotel is such nice infact i would not mind to spent such amount..go on..!!


OMG I stay there and it was aswome i recomed it

Hotels and motels Austell Georgia

Price or water???This is too much!!!

Udaipur hotels, hotels in udaipur

Thanks for sahring info with us, it's really great & big hotels room

walks of rome

Hey, $25000 a night it's very much price...... thanks for sharing information.

Luxury Hotels Las Vegas

25,000 for 1 night is insane but that is luxury for you. I would love to take a tour in that hotel room.

Kathy Carbone

If you can afford $25,000 a night, then why not. If you can afford to hold a party for 250 people, then I guess $25,000 is just pocket change for you. It looks like the Sky Villa is worth it.

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