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July 04, 2007


Actually, there is nothing moronic about it. She was doing her job, and your the moron with the issues. 12 ounces isn't close to 3 ounces. Go buy some damn salad dressing when you get off the plane, jeez.

If TSA was like you, planes would have been blown up a long time ago.

PS: What are you going to do, put salad dressing on your crackers, if you even get that?

Actually the moronic thing is the idea that liquids are more dangerous than solids. There are lots of practical (i.e. suitable for the purpose of causing an explosion on the plane) solid explosives, but there are no practical liquid ones.

So allowing chocolate on, but banning salad dressing is moronic. Believing 3 oz is safe and 12 oz isn't is moronic. Thinking the size of a clear plastic bag matters is moronic.

The only reason for these regulations is to condition people to accept every rule the government makes, no matter how absurd. And you Sir are part of the problem. Not enough that you are unwilling to confront these idiotic regulations, you are defending them as well. It's because of people like you that freedom is lost.


Yea no sympathy with me pal! The TSA are doing their jobs, plain and simple. It is nothing personal. It could be worse, over seas the security is a million times more oppresive and intrusive. I respect the jobs of these people even more now that I see the level of entitlement people feel they have, next time you might not be so moronic to smuggle the dressing past the TSA in violation of its set policy..No sympathy pal, play within the rules like we all do...


How you above posters liking the naked body scanners now? Let me ask you this, how many terrorist have the TSA caught?The answer is zero. Welcome to east Berlin.


i'm just curious if the TSA is doing their jobs to molest and strip search children?!?!?!?

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