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May 14, 2007


Mary Cruse

Hello!!! You don't know how long it has taken me to find out what this "KOOLICKLE" is. I was watching Alton Brown and must have rewinded the tape 20 times before i could get what he was saying. I was so happy to see your site. Not sure on the taste though, but one day I will be brave enough to try. Good Luck.

Larry Hale

I tried the cherry Kool-Aid recipe at home, but between me and my son, they didn't last long enough to get a good soak. Next time I will try two jars and stash them in the cool garage until they have enought time to soak through.
I was pleasantly surprised in the flavor, the sweet of the Kool-Aid reduces the bite of the pickling brine and makes the pickles even more tasty than they already are.

John McDermott

I'm sorry, but these were about the most disgusting things I have ever tasted. After the first mouthful of crunchy, vinegar, salt, cherry, garlic, and dill flavor I nearly vomited... I guess this is not for everyone.

Cruise deals

Kool-Aid hehe- just the name makes me go -WHAT? sounds like a treat- and a very amusing one! Especially when there are so many flavors, I just hope I wont have the same reaction as John there- wouldn't wanna ruined my vacation with nausea hehe

Bob Anders

I searched for pickle, and found Kool-Aid pickles. It sounded weird, and was phrased "Koolickle". Found this, and now the question remains, Do I want my pickles tasting like cherries, or tropical fruit? Maybe, but I'll have to find a bland pickle to "juice up".

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I will try two jars and stash them in the cool garage until they have enought time to soak through.I have been so entertained by your blog

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The first thing you will need to do in order to make Kool-Aid Pickles, is drain the pickle juice off of the jar of dill pickles and into the empty gallon container.

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