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August 15, 2006


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nice post - just to nitpick, he's name is spelt 'Mat Weddle' - i only mention it so people searching for him find the right guy. tchuss, m.


thanks - it's been corrected

Pat Phelan

Really nice post, he sounds great.


Fantastic cover. I used to hate this song, but now I'll have to revise my opinion.


that's a pretty badass acoustic version of hey ya.


Amazing cover! That was actually a really faithful cover of a kickass song. We gotta get him and Andre 3000 on stage together!


That's... beautiful.


Great Cover! Is there a way to download the MP3?


@Bjppolo: message the guy that uploaded the video to youtube (me), and he'll (i'll) send you a link to the mp3 :) Thanks everyone for your support!




great cover!!! Can you please send me the link to the mp3.


Derek Buranen

I won't discriminate. I'll take a .ogg or .flac as well ;)


This is absolutely awesome! keep up the good work man.


ya i definately need the link to the mp3 as well


I'd like a link to the mp3 as well


that is absolutely awesome!

Trevor Wermund

I would love a MP3 as well


interesting. and this guy has a pleasant voice. but outkast countrified isn't my idea of awesome. so this basically sucks for me.


Linda, you're useless. Until you learn how to play and sing, and until you learn to differentiate what is good from what your idea of awesome is, please spare us your needless commentary.

Hats off on the performance. Very, very well done.


Very nice. Most well popular tunes can are usually overproduced, but if they have a solid melody and lyrics then you'll always get great covers in various guises from all over the world.

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